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  • Handling Challenges of Parenting Teens (EBOOK)

Handling Challenges of Parenting Teens (EBOOK)

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This book HANDLING CHALLENGES OF PARENTING TEENS is must read book for parents, Teachers and guardian 

 How can we put an end to Teenagers problem ravaging the peace of many Parents? Is there a way for parents to curtail the excesses of their Teens? How can we rescue problematic Teenagers from social vices like smoking, alcoholism, rape, gang wars, drugs and crimes?

 Troubled Teens are everywhere and they are increasing every day. You will need wisdom to handle your teenagers if they must end well and be a source of pride and peace to you.

 Open your hearts to acquire the needed wisdom revealed in this much-needed book:

  • v  You will learn how to make your child live a better life, prevent them from falling into errors and restore the prodigals to the right path
  • v  How to overcome major challenges of parenting Teenagers
  • v  In-house signs of troubled Teens
  • v  12 environmental causes of Teenagers trouble and their solutions
  • v  11 Ways Parents Causes trouble for Teenagers without knowing
  • v  Secondary signs of troubled Teenagers which parents must watch-out for
  • v  12 to avoid having trouble with Your Teens
  • v  Grave mistakes parents make with troubled Teens and their solutions
  • v  25 Ways of handling troubled Teenagers for maximum results
  • v  12 Major things Teens struggle with
  • v  How Pre-teens hurt themselves and how parents can raise them
  • v  How to help your Teens associate with right friends.

Do you want a godly Teen that will be free from depression, drugs, smoking, negative association, disobedience, sexual molestation and teenage pregnancy, read this book and follow the instructions in it.

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