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  • Enjoying God's Mercy In Your Family (EBOOK)

Enjoying God's Mercy In Your Family (EBOOK)

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Contrary to what is in the Bible, we all believe that mercy is only for people who are in mess, people who have sinned, and waiting for the judgment of God.

The truth is everybody and every family need the mercy of God. Is it not surprising that majority of the people who pleaded for mercy or received mercy of God in the Bible were not people who needed forgiveness of sin but people that needed a change of Status, a change of story, a change of situation, divine intervention and divine turn around?

This revelational book will teach you how to turn your life around forever by securing and walking in the Great mercy of God.

This book will introduce you to Mercy one of the greatest secret of the kingdom of God, you are about to enter divine elevator to the next level as you take the lift of the Great Mercy of God.

The book contains:

- How to turn your life around forever using the Power of Mercy.

- How to prevent Tragedy in your family using the cover of Mercy.
- How to get marry using the instrument of the Mercy of God

-12 ways to secure God’s mercy for your family

-How to use Great mercy of God as a weapon of war for your family

-Hindrances to God’s mercy in the family

-What mercy can do for your family

-How to increase the Level of God's mercy in your family

-12 facts to know about the mercy of God

-Signs of lack of mercy in the family.

And lots more.

Your life and Family is about take a new turn, your destiny is about to Change for the best, welcome into new life.

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