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  • How To Win Your Husband's Love and Attention (EBOOK)

How To Win Your Husband's Love and Attention (EBOOK)

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One major need running through the veins of every woman is the need for her husband’s attention. No woman would give it up for anything in this world. 
In reality, very few women would ever get it. The frustration has led many into engaging means like nagging, fighting, sexual denial and other wrong methods which only make matters worse.
This long awaited book is set to deliver secrets codes of getting your husband’s love and attention. 

It covers: 

  • 12 ways to take your husband to God
  • 36 noble characters every woman must develop
  • 10 things every woman must master 
  • 7 pillars of wisdom
  • How to become a pillar in the life of your husband
  • Becoming a woman of noble-character
  • How to get wisdom that can keep your husband to you
  • Becoming the pillar of your husband’s purpose
  • 18 things men call respect and how you can use them to win your husband
  • How to handle money at home
  • How to become a communication expert at home
  • How to win the love of your husband’s family
  • 41 ways to destroy a great marriage and how to avoid them
  • 10 things every woman must care for in her body
  • 103 reasons to have sex with your husband and lots more. 

This is the book your marriage is waiting for, grab it, read it and win your husband’s love and attention forever.

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