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  • Maximizing Money in Marriage (EBOOK)

Maximizing Money in Marriage (EBOOK)

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People misuse money when they don’t know its purpose. 
The basis of making and spending money is common knowledge to many, but only few people know how to maximize their wealth. 
Many, who have seen better days, now live in abject poverty and can barely afford to keep their marriages afloat due to their wrong approaches to money matters in the past. Maximizing money early in life is the key to rest of mind in old age. 

Get ready for financial freedom as you encounter these truths: 

  • 12 ways to make money 
  • Sources of money and where to invest 
  • 21 ways God prospers His people 
  • How to keep channels of money open 
  • 10 ways to provoke favour 
  • How to break the yoke of debt 
  • How to develop financial intelligence
  • Budgeting and multiplication of money. 
  • Practical ways to save money 
  • Wrong and right ways to spend money. 
  • 10 questions to ask yourself before buying. 
  • 12 limitations of money, among others.

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