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  • Success Catalyst

Success Catalyst

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Do you want quick success with peace of mind? Do you want to be the best when you are still young? Do you want to make impact in your younger days and become mentor of Millions of People? In Success Catalyst you will know what successful people know that makes them successful and make success a 100% Possibility for yourself.

The book contains:

  • v  42 Habits of unsuccessful people and how to avoid them
  • v  44 Things you must say regularly if you must succeed
  • v   27 Major Areas to build your capacity for Success
  • v  23 Things to do to take responsibility for your life
  • v  10 Facts you must know about Failure
  • v  6 Character Foundation you must build

v  How to set goals and achieve them for all-round success

v  How to build exceptional skills for all-round success

v  How to build strong connection for all-round success

Plus practical life-changing illustrative stories which make this book a catalyst for your much awaited breakthrough

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