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  • How To Build Your Own House Without Stress

How To Build Your Own House Without Stress

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Among all the creatures of God, man is the only one who rent where to live. All other animals are “landlords”. Lions have den, rats have holes, sparrows have houses, birds have nest, spider have cobwebs, only men live and die as a tenants, shame!

This rare book is written to provoke you to build your own house and also gives you practical steps to take. 

  • 13 reasons you should build your own house
  • Why people fail to build their own house
  • 20 things you need to build your own house
  • How to give yourself a quit notice and move into your own house
  • 8 ways to activate the power of God to build your own house
  • 13 wisdom you need to build within a short period
  • 14 mistakes you must never make when buying a land
  • 9 professionals you need to build your house
  • How to cut the cost of building your own house
  • Uncommon ways to raise money for your building
  • How to get National Housing Fund loan
  • Step by step of building your own house, among others.

You can’t afford to grow old and celebrate your 70th birthday in a rented house, there are many troubles waiting for old tenants. Don’t die in shame, don’t die as a tenant, fire your landlord and build NOW! This book will teach you how.

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