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  • Exposing Hidden Destroyers of Marriage

Exposing Hidden Destroyers of Marriage

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Most times, the true marriage destroyers are not mentioned in the church, counselling rooms; because most pastors and marriage counselors are not talking about them.
They are not usually written in books or addressed in seminars; that is why they are able to destroy many homes. These Hidden Marriage Destroyers are exposed in this this rare book.

It contains:

  • Types of vision you must possess if you must have a successful marriage 
  • Identifying marriage destroyers 
  • 21 old baggage you must drop to have a blissful marriage 
  • Types of men and women in relationship 
  • 16 things men stop after wedding that destroys intimacy
  • Right activism in marriage
  • Handling commitment in marriage 
  • 20 reasons devil hates marriage 
  • What devil is doing to destroy families
  • Immature things men and women do in marriage
  • Victory over curse and devil’s covenant in marriage
  • Handling differences in marriage
  • Misconceptions about sex, among others.

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